jtr 1.1

jtr is a small Java library that emulates the Perl 5 "transliterate" operation on a given string. Most Perl 5 features are supported, including all the standard modifiers and most Perl escape sequences. Patterns are compiled for speed, and runtime performance is fast.

The JavaDoc is available on-line for browsing.

The download page contains the most recent release.

jtr is release under the modified BSD license.


There are plenty of good regular expression libraries around for Java, including those provided with the JDK 1.4 release and later, the Jakarta ORO library, and the GNU Regexp library. However, none of these perform the suprisingly useful Perl transliterate operation. This library is here to fill that gap.

This implementation is based on Perl 5, even though there are other tr implementations, including one included with the GNU textutils package. The main reasons for basing jtr of the Perl implementation were:

And remember, its spelled j-t-r, but pronounced "jitter" ;-)

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